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The youth of today faces a range of challenges, many of which are unique to their generation, or which have been exacerbated by factors beyond their control.


We have built a world with unprecedented access to education, and limitless career opportunities, but have left our youths without guidance and support to navigate this challenging and often complex landscape.


These issues, combined with a growing feeling of social isolation, have left our youths feeling lost and burned out, and uncertain where or even how to begin.

At MentorsHub, we believe that mentorship can change lives.


With your support, we can provide mentorship programs that empower our beneficiaries to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.


Your donations can help fund our mentorship programs, which pair our beneficiaries with caring and compassionate mentors who can help them navigate life's challenges and build a brighter future.


Our mentors offer guidance on a wide range of issues, from career planning and job search strategies to academic advisement and mental health support.

The impact of your donation goes far beyond providing mentorship services.

By supporting MentorsHub, you're helping to build a community that values mentorship and support, and that works together to uplift those who are facing challenges.


You're giving our beneficiaries the hope and inspiration they need to keep pushing forward, even when times are unprecedented and tough.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your donation and contribution can help provide a new sense of hope and possibility and can help our beneficiaries build a brighter future.


Thank you for your support, and for helping us make a difference in the world through mentorship.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

We want to thank our generous donors for their support.

Adeline Tiah

Ata Haftchenary

Bhati Yash

Dr Candice Chee

Dr Candice Goh

Carol Shen

Celestine Teo

Chai Chee Ming

Chen Peng

Daniel Ng

Dexter Soh

Eunice S.K. Oh

Hany Humairasit

Hannah Toh

Isabella Tan

Janice Hong

Jarod Ong

Juseleen Jalil

Kenneth Cheng

Dr Kenneth Tan

Liu Chenyuan

Nathanael Ong

Mdm Oh Swee Ming

Phillip Choo

Sanjay Chhabra

Siti Nuruljannah

Sharon Lam

Shoo Shyuan

Soon Tze Yang

Tristan Theurier

Vincent Pawlowski

Dr Zhang Yong Jie

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