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If you're not excited about what you studied, wish to find your purpose at work, or want to discover new career paths, we've got you covered.

That's why MentorsHub has painstakingly crafted two key offerings to take you from zero to one, and one to ten.

We are looking for mentee candidates who are:


MentorsHub will prioritise candidates who are from underserved communities, e.g. low-income, minorities, single-parent backgrounds.

*Non-Singaporeans may apply, but acceptance is subject to mentoring capacity.

Mentorship (ASPIRE)

Our year-long mentorship programme.


Start your zero-to-one journey with our ASPIRE mentorship programme.

Key ASPIRE outcomes:

  • Best for those seeking mentorship for purpose and life direction

  • Psychometric assessments to enable self-discovery

  • Two-day Mentoring Retreat with Soul-Strength-­Soar workshops to facilitate preliminary vision casting and goals setting

  • Bi-monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions to strategise and implement action plans towards goals

  • On-demand life and strengths coaching

Better understanding of your skills and qualities, and how to leverage them

Ability to better align your personal and professional goals

More confidence in pursuing your goals with a practical gameplan

Mentees who complete the curriculum and demonstrate good attitude and aptitude may request for a Letter of Recommendation from MentorsHub.

To sign up for ASPIRE, you must first register for and attend our free introductory briefing.

The next upcoming introductory briefing will be in Q3 2024. You can register your interest now and we will send you invite for the program briefing.

Kindly note:

  • Your attendance is not confirmed until you've received a follow-up from us

  • There is a commitment fee of $150 (students) or $250 (working adults) for successful ASPIRE applicants attending the two-day Mentoring Retreat

  • Corporate subsidy/sponsorship available for those who need financial assistance

  • The introductory briefing, year-long 1:1 mentorship and coaching are pro-bono

  • Limited seats available

  • The management reserve the right to request for NRIC & Student ID for verification

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