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Why choose MentorsHub?


Hear from our mentees how their journey with MentorsHub went.

Ashley Tan

Junior UI/UX Designer & Digital Marketer | Oangle

MentorsHub and my mentor, Ms Adeline Tiah, have really equipped and provided me with opportunities to learn more about myself and the paths I can take in life.

Ashwin Lee

APAC Business Development Intern | Amazon Web Services

This experience with MentorsHub was crucial for me to undergo before stepping out into the real world. It has allowed me to gain a stronger sense of self-awareness and the confidence to charter my own career path. 

Kenzie Tan

HR Learning & Development | Roche Diagnostic APAC

MentorsHub's mentoring programme has made me more aware of my strengths and skillsets, which helped me to gain a clearer picture of what career path to build towards. My mentor, Dr Kenneth Tan, has been patient and encouraging throughout the mentoring cycle.

Lucas Loh

Realtor | ERA Singapore

The best type of mentoring session is 1-to-1 - MentorsHub offers this and this in itself means quality mentoring sessions. MentorsHub values quality more than quantity and that is what truly makes me so appreciative of them. 

MH Mentees 2018_edited.jpg
Knowing that our mentees are carving out their own paths and reaching for their goals is what keeps us going.

If you're keen to be a part of the community, learn more about our programmes here,

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